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October 5, 2016

Madrid, Spain

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What is the Open Data Research Symposium?

The Open Data Research Symposium program committee is pleased to have held the second Open Data Research Symposium (#ODRS16) on October 5, 2016 prior to the International Open Data Conference 2016 in Madrid, Spain.

Open data has become firmly cemented in the policy mainstream. However, there remains a pressing need to dig deeper into the dynamics of how open data operates in practice, as well as to nurture theories that explain these dynamics. This symposium offered open data researchers an opportunity to reflect critically on the findings of their completed research and to create cohesion within the research community on what the future challenges are likely to be in unlocking the potential of open data to promote social progress.

The Symposium was composed of three key activities, each focused on how to increase our understanding of open data’s use and impacts:

  1. Sharing of key findings
  2. Developing a common research infrastructure
  3. Identifying gaps and questions that can both further theory and practice

Program Committee

  • Stefaan Verhulst The GovLab, NYU Tandon School of Engineering (Co-chair)
  • Francois van Schalkwyk World Wide Web Foundation / University of Stellenbosch (Co-chair)
  • Emmy Chirchir Munster University
  • Katie Clancy International Development Research Centre / Open Data for Development
  • Gisele CraveiroUniversity of Sao Paulo
  • Tim Davies University of Southampton
  • Kyujin JungTennessee State University
  • Gustavo Magalhaes University of Austin Texas
  • Michelle McLeod University of the West Indies
  • Stefania Milan University of Amsterdam
  • Fernando Perini International Development Research Centre
  • Andrew Young The GovLab, NYU Tandon School of Engineering